Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meaning of my Business Name

So day three is entitled Meaning of my Business name. 
Well, I do not own my own business. BUT...I can describe to you the meaning behind the company I am a consultant for!

Rewind back to this past Fall. I realized that I had the opportunity to make a few extra bucks by simply showing off a few items! I paid my $99 start up fee, received my kit in a few short weeks, and hit the ground running. By the time the New Year rolled around, I had more than doubled what I paid to start! YAY!

So what is this company I am speaking of? It is called Thirty-One Gifts. 
The business was founded 10 years ago, in a women's basement out of Ohio. Within the past 5 years or so, it has trickled over to the West coast, and has definitely made a name for itself!
The founder's name is Cindy Monroe, and now she is one of the most successful Direct Selling business owners to date! Thirty-One is a faith-based company, which believes in Celebrating, Encouraging and Rewarding the working woman. And this company truly does just that! With an incredible amount of support and endless potential for personal growth, this company is just scratching the surface!
She named her company Thirty-One, based off of Proverbs 31...

Another huge reason I love this company, is that they have a line of product called Thirty-One Gives:

"Our Mission 

We believe in Her – women and girls. We embrace Her inner beauty and celebrate Her natural gifts. It's our mission to celebrate and empower Her, helping to strengthen Her belief in herself, strengthen Her family, and to lead a purposeful, thriving life. We do this through Home Office partnerships, Consultant giving, product donations and exclusive Gives products. We believe that by empowering Her, we strengthen families and communities and change lives."

 So to say the least, I am proud to be a part of this company! 

If you are wanting more information on the company, click HERE!

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