Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Big ONE!

Today's the day!
Our littlest Haylee is officially one whole year of age!!
Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you so, so much!!

The sentimental mommy in me is all teared up, and cannot believe how fast this past year has gone by. Then on the other hand, I feel slightly relieved to know that I have survived this past year with two kids. But I suppose that the two go hand-in-hand after all, so I will just go with the sappy, sentimental side!

This past weekend we celebrated her birthday a few days early with some close friends and family. It turned out cute, and she did a pretty good job not melting down considering how exhausted she was! 

The theme was 'My Sweet Sunshine', and my sister-in-law made the cakes and treats. They turned out so good! Super cute, and really tasty! A huge Thank you, and hats off to her for her help!

Speaking of cake, my-oh-my did Haylee LOVE hers!! She made a serious dent in her "smash" cake, and was just shoveling it in her face!! It was pretty hysterical:

I could sit here and just babble on and on about the past year, and how much has changed, but I won't bore you all with that. But what I will do is leave you with some adorable photos of our little Bug! Enjoy!
Day of birth...
One month old...
First official giggles...
Day of 1st birthday party...
1st Birthday Day!!!

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