Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Ode to Fall

Oh how I love thee so! Let me count the ways!
Well first, let me preface: 
Fall has always been my favorite season. My favorite time of year.

  • The colors. The changing of the leaves to orange, red, yellow, browns...oh so beautiful!
  • The weather. You can just feel it. You can even smell it sometimes. Ya know? The air gets crisp and clear, it almost has a bite to it. The sun still shines, but you get to dress in your favorite cozies! Which leads me to...
  • The fashion. Cardigans, sweaters, scarves, leggings, plaids and flannels, hats, and the best of the best: boots!! Who doesn't love dressing this way?!
  • The eats and drinks of the season. Yes, I am talking about pumpkin and spice everything! I have always been a sucker for pumpkin! Add in some apples, some cinnamon...yes please! Coffee, treats and desserts Oh My! 
  • Family activities. I absolutely love going to the pumpkin patch, going trick-or-treating, picking out Halloween costumes, and decorating!
  • The cozy fires. I love snuggling up on the couch with the family and listening to the fire in the background. Sigh...
  • The new TV season. Yup, I'm that person: the one who loves Fall TV shows! Thank goodness for my DVR and modern technology! 
  • The new music lineup. This time of the year always brings with it a ton of new music! New albums, new artists, new releases...YEAH! 

But in all honestly, as much as I love all of the above, it is so hard to keep up with it all!
It seems as though, as soon as it begins, it is over. Which makes me sad. Like many other things in life {especially the stuff you look forward to}, it goes by way too fast!
So enjoy it my Friends! 
Soak it all in. 
Because after all, it really only does come once a year!

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