Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SO WHAT! Wednesday

I recently started following a new blog called Life After I "Dew".
She has a link up entitled SO WHAT! Wednesday. And I am totally linking up to this one!

My SO WHAT! goes out to failure!
SO WHAT! if failure thinks it has gotten the best of me! 
It hasn't, and I won't let it! 

I won't give up, I will keep on going. I will prove failure wrong, and show it what I can do and what I am all about! We all have our own goals and expectations. And if you are anything like me, your expectations of yourself are way too high, and you feel like failure too often.

Well I am going to let that all go. OK, so I am going to try my hardest to let that it all go!
And for those of us who have perhaps failed at something along the way, SO WHAT!
That is life, and that is how we learn. Everything that I feel was a failure, has taught me such important lessons, that it all ends up to be worth it. Don't you agree?

Failure is the perfect opportunity to start over! To learn from your mistakes. It is all part of the process, and it helps us get to where we need to go. 

Will you please join me in shouting out loud SO WHAT! to failure?!

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