Monday, March 10, 2014

National Conference, Here I Come!

It is no secret that I am an Independent Consultant for an amazing, Faith-based company called Thirty-One Gifts. And while there are people I know that think it is silly, all I can say is that you just don't know!

You don't know how fun it can be!
You have no idea that this is about so much more than just money!
You do not know how many amazing women I have met, and how many relationships I have made, during my Thirty-One journey! 
And for those who have never inquired about the products we offer, well let me just say that you are truly missing out!

Before I knew about Thirty-One, I had no idea that there was a company out there that celebrated, encouraged, and rewarded it's employees that way that they do!
And the fact that they support the Working Woman, well there you have it!

The main reason for this post however, is mainly for me to say how excited I am to be able to attend my first Thirty-One National Conference this summer! 
It will be Denver, CO, where one of my best friends just happens to live! Not only will I get to visit with her, but I will get to learn so much about my business, meet even more incredible women, get inspired, and receive free products! Needless to say, I want need this vacation! 

It has been so long since I have been able to "go away" somewhere. Especially by myself!
I cannot wait to visit with my amazing friend, see Denver for the first time, and get excited about my business and make it better!


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  1. Vacation without hubby and kids...... AMAZING! You will have a blast! So fun, and you are so deserving!