Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Back on Etsy!

I took an Etsy hiatus while I was pregnant, and then for the first year of my {second} daughters life. But now, I'm back at it! But in a different way...
Instead of offering prints that I would have ordered for you and shipped, I am offering a less expensive, more convenient way to purchase 'prints'. I have jumped onto the JPEG file bandwagon! For a very reasonable, low cost of only $5 per file, you can instantly download the file from my Etsy shop after your payment has been received. This way you can print them through whomever you choose. Whether it be at home, or through a third party print company. {Although, as I state in my shop policies, I highly suggest you use Mpix.com. They have the best quality, at very affordable prices!}

I am pretty excited about this!
I recently had someone purchase a print and frame it, and it made me feel pretty good about my work. As an aspiring photographer, who does this as a hobby, I would say that this is quit a large accomplishment!

Please, PLEASE check it out and let me know what you think!
{Simply click on the picture below to be directed to my shop}
I will be adding more listings in the shop soon! So check back regularly!

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