Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Do I Blog?

For me, it is all about having an outlet. 
An outlet to share and release.
To muse and inspire.
To reflect and complain.
To brag and conceit.
 Because after all, I am only human.
And us humans like to talk about our lives from time to we not?

I may not share my deepest, darkest secrets on here, but I share more than you think!
I may not have a huge following, or a ton of readers, but oh well.
I write for me. To get these swirling, never-ending thoughts out of my head.

Some of my posts might be boring, or irrelevant to you.
Or they might just hit home, or make you smile!
And while my posts may not be consistent {since I am not a 'professional' blogger}, I write when I can, when something pops into my head!
As I am sure that is how it goes for a lot of you...

But I do have to say that the blogging community is very open and friendly!
If it were not for this, I would not be able to be as open about some subjects as I am.
Granted, there are certain subjects that I just do not touch upon here. For personal reasons. But again, I am sure that you have certain things that you don't feel like sharing, right?!

This blog is my version of an adult journal, for the most part.
I will write posts and not publish them, just for the sake of getting the thoughts out...
Then there are times where I might simply post photos.
You never know with me!

Why do YOU blog?


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  1. Love this!! First and foremost, I blog for myself!! I do it as a way to document significant milestones for my family, and to record those moments that I might forget down the line. Secondly, I blog because of the amazing support and friendly community (as you mentioned). It's so nice to know that other people go through similar things, and can relate on a personal level. And all the other stuff that goes along with blogging? Just a bonus.