Sunday, March 30, 2014

In The Zone

To start off with, I ask you this: 
how many of you can honestly call your Mom your best friend?
Because I can! And I do!
Perhaps it was the way I grew up;
Single mother, only child. 
We always had each other, no matter what. 
 And we still do, and I love that!

This past Friday night I had an awesome time with my mom!
We grabbed some coffee, drove to Seattle {while busting moves and singing at the top of our lungs}, tried a new Thai restaurant {which was so good}, and rocked out to an ah-mazing Kings of Leon concert!!! 
This was my third KOL show, while it was her first.
I told her that she was in for nothing less than a treat!
And Heck yes, did they deliver!
It definitely helped that we had fantastic seats...
basically a backstage view from where we sat!
The Local Natives opened for them, and I am honestly not that familiar with their music. 
But geez, were they good!! Then there were the Kings...ahhhh. How I love them so!
They opened their set with 'Charmer', which is a slightly older song {2007}, which I wasn't expecting! And while they obviously played songs from their newest album, Mechanical Bull, they played quit a few older songs from their first albums!

As cheesy as this may sound, being at a live concert makes my soul wake up!
It truly is good for my soul!
And it is honestly where I am the most in "my zone". 
All in all, a great night was had by all!

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