Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Getting Reacquainted

 I am taking the time to really sit down and get to know my Canon.
It's been a long time, my friend!

Today I am sitting down and actually playing with the settings, and checking out all of the functions that this amazing piece of machinery has to offer! 

I am ashamed to say that I do not know my camera as much as I should.
And for as much as I talk about picking it back up again and shooting like crazy, I have not taken the time to do so. Why? Because I keep making up excuses, that's why! 

I have been having trouble finding inspiration lately, and I believe that that is a huge part of it. 
So today I am making the time to find inspiration!
Going back to the beginning, and remembering what it is that I love about photography!

For me, the details are everything: what someone's eye might miss, is what I try to find. 
What one might think is mundane or inadequate, I find appealing. 
The everyday happenings and objects that I am surrounded by, or the way the light hits a subject, the emotion that you get when you look at a photograph, the way it makes you feel...that's where it's at! Well, at least for me...

Here's to hoping that I find the Inspiration I want...the Inspiration I need! 

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