Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MY Truth About Direct Selling

I have noticed quit a few opinions swirling around lately about Direct Sales.

Direct selling is not for everyone.
And sometimes it's still not for me. 
I am honestly not all that good at it.
It can be hard, and I do not make a ton of money.

But that's just me.

Part of starting up is to reach out to those around you, the people you already know.
Some will be supportive, MOST won't. 
They say to go out side your circle, outside of your comfort zone. 
Which is what I have had to do since day one. 
Day freaking ONE! 
And I have been at this for almost three years,
{which is a drop in the bucket to a lot of people in the industry}.
They also say to attend as many events as you can, and to put your name out there.

But then there's me.

I do NOT hassle people or bug them about my product.
I do NOT walk up to strangers and say "you should buy this," etc...
I do NOT corner people or pressure them into buying. Even at parties.

I do however, mention my product if someone I know is talking about something similar. 
I do have my own private Facebook group that I invite people to.
I do carry my own product and I love it!

The way I figure it, if someone wants my product or is interested, they will let me know.
I personally HATE pushy, overwhelming salesmen/women. 
So I think like the customer. 
Which I know is my biggest problem. I am not naive to that fact!
 I am not a pushy person. If I want something, I will seek it out!
Which is what people do, right? Right! 

Like I said, I invite Facebook friends to my private group. If they want to stay, GREAT!
If they choose to leave the group, GREAT! 
And I will not bug them with trying to add them again.
I will NOT blow up your newsfeed with annoying posts, etc... 
I am not going to force you to look at my products, or make you hear what I have to say about them.
The choice is 100% YOURS. 

I love my products, and think the world of them! 
If people want to go and spend their money on similar products, then please! Go right on ahead!
I am not going to stop you.
But please consider the alternatives.

Are you really getting what you pay for? 
Is that product as versatile as you think it is? 
Are you supporting someone you know?
Alternatives that are much more fun than strolling around a store stressing yourself out and wasting your gas. 
But who am I to say "don't do that"?

 I, personally, would much rather support the people that I know and help them out.
I would much rather have fun with people in a casual setting, chat, shop and eat!

While I am supporting friends, family and acquaintances in their endeavors, realistically it would be fantastic to receive that same enthusiasm in return. 
But that doesn't always happen. 

Unfortunately, not all of us have the funds or means to start up a super successful business from scratch. And some of us cannot afford to go back to school full time, or work full time outside of the home. Some of us have to start smaller, work our way up, and take the small successes where and when we can. 

Which for me, is where Direct Selling has come into play. 
Yes, I have found new friends through it, and I have learned a lot.
Cheesy and cliche? Sure. 
But it's my truth. 
And I certainly do not want someone else to feel ashamed, or inadequate for their truth or success.

So while many people out there may have choice words on Direct Selling businesses,
all I can ask them is to please keep an open mind about it. 

That friend, family member or accquaintence you know who may be selling something,
{skin care, purses, oils, food, clothes, makeup, etc...}
is just trying to make it. 
Trying to make it through life with small successes. Trying to make new friends. 
Trying to have a life outside of the home. 
They may be trying to focus on something other than laundry and dishes everyday!

After all is said and done, aren't we all just trying to make it?

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  1. Yes! all great points! Ive always been against direct sales companies, well, until I found that 1, that met my needs, and had amazing support and compensation plan! I intend to buy a purse from you, hopefully soon!