Monday, April 25, 2016

WE Day Seattle!

I literally stumbled across the finding of an organization called ME to WE at a vendor event this past December. There was a group of teenage girls selling Rafiki bracelets, and I thought the name was cool, and they bracelets were equally as cool looking!

Once I did some research and found out what the bracelets were all about, 
I knew that ME to WE was something that our Girl Scout troop had to take part in! 
Long story short, you choose two causes that you want to help with, do a project, and/or donate money, to help those causes. One local and one global. 
By doing these projects, you EARN tickets to an event called WE Day. 
This year was the fourth year WE Day came to Seattle.

"WE Day is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities....yearlong program that nurtures compassion in young people and gives them the tools to create transformative social change." 
Now, I had no idea that We Day existed before. So after finding out that our troop had earned enough tickets for all of us to attend, I watched the video below and got goose bumps. I had no doubt that these girls would benefit from going! After all, even the adults get something out of an event this inspirational!

So last Wednesday, April 20th, our twelve Girl Scouts and five {brave!} adults piled into three cars, and caravanned to the Seattle Center KeyArena for a morning filled with amazing, eye-opening, thought-provoking words of wisdom! There were celebrity speakers, well-known bands and singers, local business owners, local celebrities {i.e. news anchors,} and local athletes {Pete Carol and three Seahawks, Seattle Storm players and Seattle Sounders players}!

You might be wondering how much information nine-year-olds really get during a long morning/day, filled with a lot of talking...well, hopefully they got more out of it then we think! I figure that we need to start them young, so that they can be introduced to the fact that they CAN change the world, and make it a better place! If it doesn't click right away, it will eventually! I know it! 
Especially with these girls...they are all so incredibly smart!
They don't even know what kind of potential they have yet! 

I know that it effected Emma a lot more than she even knows!
That night, she saddled up in bed and wrote in her WE Day journal, and started reading the WE Day book that everyone in attendance received for free! And if you ask me, her words are quit profound: 

I hope that WE Day comes back to Seattle next year, because you can bet that we will be there again!
This organization, and it's event, speak so deeply to me.
I believe in everything it is about, and I absolutely love how it is centered around youth!

I am excited to start planning our projects next year, because I know the girls will love seeing how their projects and donations are actually changing things, and helping people! 
AND, they get rewarded by earning tickets to WE Day! 
Talk about a Win-Win! 

"Together WE change the world!"

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