Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I write this as I am listening to Christmas music, and feeling festive! Being busy with Thanksgiving and all, I have been absent for a few days....
I could sit here and make the usual list of everything, and everyone, in my life that I am incredibly Thankful for, but I would be here all day long! That list would be too, I will not be making one. Instead, I will remember those things, and those people, each day. I will count my blessings and remember that whenever I feel like I am having a bad day, that there are others who are going through worse. I will look at my daughter (no matter how crazy she may be driving me at that moment!) and smile. I will look around me and remember how hard Howard & I have worked to get what we have, and how much we appreciate it all!
With all those thoughts in my head, I will turn on my Christmas music and sing out loud as I decorate our new home! Emma & I will begin our annual tradition of cookie making and decorating! And through all of this, I will remember those who have passed...I remember them with tears of Joy for all the memories that we have shared!
After all, without all of these thoughts, how Happy would my Holidays be?!

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