Monday, February 14, 2011

The Hallmark Holiday

Ah, the day of LOVE!  Happy Valentines Day!

When I was younger, I used to H.A.T.E. Valentines Day. And for the usual reason:: I was always the single one. The one by myself, watching everyone else give and receive love letters, cards, chocolates and stuffed animals.
Well, I still don't care for it all that much. The only reason I enjoy it today, is because of Emma! The way we celebrate this day, is with a card every once and awhile, and I recall one or two times when I may have received flowers, but that's about it.
I realize that the holiday is supposed to be about telling the people you love how much, and show them. But I ask you this:: why only ONE day per year? Why can't we do this everyday, every week, or at the very least, once a month?!
Perhaps I think this because my hubby and I have never actually celebrated the holiday. Or maybe I am just jealous of the people who do celebrate it...all I know, is that I like to call this day The Hallmark Holiday! Which to me, means that the card, flower and chocolate industries make a whole lotta profit!

I'm just thinking, why can't we tell people we love them everyday, and have that be enough? Granted, presents and cards are fabulous and I wouldn't turn them down if I received them! However, the basic principle of LOVE is defined in about 28 different ways, all of which never mention material items (check it out here). I'm just saying... 

I don't want to go all "Hum Bug" on those who love this day, GO FOR IT! 
It doesn't matter how you say it:: ti amo, je t'aime, I love you, just SPREAD THE LOVE one day or another!


  1. So agree!! I just had this conversation with Ben last night. Most likely he will have flowers delivered to me and that is wonderful and I dont want to sound ungrateful but I also feel like this holiday is so commercialized that it like other holidays is about how much money you spend and how great of flowers you get...barf! I think that it is much more important and wonderful to express your love on a daily basis. Why do we need a hallmark holiday to show our partner that we love and care about them? Flowers or a card mean so much when it is just because not because its a forced holiday. I put cards and love notes in Ben lunch box all the time. I know that it means more then a Valentine day card. :)

  2. I like V-day, but we never really do much. We just spend it together. I love the romance of it with the flowers and treats and all that, but I would rather get those on a random day during the year.

    OH! Let's petition for V-day to be a surprise day. Our hubbies can chose a random day during the year and surprise us with a Valentines date night! And we won't know until last minute! Good idea??!?!!

  3. I used to be anti-vday too, even when I had someone. But now I feel like life is too short. Who cares if flowers are twice the price today, I still want some ;)

    Happy Valentines Day to you and your little heart!

  4. Re-reading that...I mean Emma is your little heart, not that you have a little heart. I can tell you have a very big heart!

  5. This is something we totally have in common. I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. My husband isn't either. We'll be a little sweeter or somethin' but that's about it!!! I'm all about spreading the love, but let's do it every day! (or at least try!) :)