Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Learning Curve

As I await our tax return to be deposited so that I may purchase my camera, I am diving head-first into learning all that I can. Of course there is always a learning curve, but hopefully I will be slightly ahead by the time I make my purchase! I have been researching and reading, and found this book that was written specifically for my camera. It is very informative, and is helping me to learn about the camera itself (and it's features), before I open the box::
If you have yet to check out Etsy, do so now! It is an incredibly addictive website, committed to selling all things homemade and handmade. Through a blog that I read entitled Little Miss Momma, I found a Shop on Etsy that sells camera accessories. This one in particular I fell in love with:: A custom camera strap! After owning my camera for awhile, I plan on purchasing this as well!

Also, I recently bought a Groupon to a photography workshop for the end of this May (by this time, I will have had my camera for a few months, and will have gotten myself acclimated to it). The value for this workshop is $450.00, but I purchased my Groupon for only $49.00! How could I resist a savings of 89%?!! I am so excited for this, and I know that I will learn a lot of information, and have a ton of fun!
If you, or anyone you know may be interested in it, check out the link for the workshop and all it's details here. There is also a Special offer for my friends and family: You will receive the Friends and Family discount when you register for any workshop. Use this code during checkout to receive the $450.00 workshop and safari for only $125.00!
CODE: photo friend
Click here to register.


  1. Oh my god, I want a camera strap like that! Adorable!
    And I am glad you are persuing your passion. Photography is fun!

  2. Cool. I actually just recently won a really cool strap like that in a contest!! They're so cute!

  3. I so happy for you Lins! It great that you will get to enjoy something like this, especially since you have wanted to do this for so long! I know its weird for you to spend that much money on yourself but YOU deserve it more than anyone I know! You never treat yourself, so its about darn time ;) I'm excited to hear all about how you enjoy the workshop and camera (when you get it) and that camera strap is adorable!

  4. I wanted to do that workshop but my internet died that night! Let me know how it goes!

  5. So excited to meet you in our upcoming "I want my photos to look like Mandy's" class. :)

    And, I want that camera strap. Like, now.