Thursday, August 18, 2011

Honor & Excitement!


"The Seattle Brain Cancer Walk committee met tonight and selected Lindsi Wolf's quote by Christopher Reeve for this year's t-shirt ~ "Once you choose hope, anythings possible."
Back on August 8th, the Walk posted on their Facebook page that they needed a new quote for the survivor t-shirts for this years walk.  So I submitted one, and they chose mine! YAY!
I could not feel more honored to be a part of this walk! Not only will my quote be printed on the back of the t-shirts, but I also donated an Experience this year! 
SnapDragon Photography donated a family portrait session, and an 8x10 pro print. I am excited to see who gets this Experience, and to walk this year with my family and friends!
I am walking for my Papa who passed in 2003, and for my dear friend Heather who has been fighting this for the past two years. LOVE TO YOU BOTH, and to all who have passed, and those who are still fighting!


  1. That is a perfect quote!! And what a great way to honor those that have lost the battle to cancer, and those those that are fighting the good fight!

  2. So exciting, what an honor!

  3. I love that quote. Nice job!