Friday, September 16, 2011

Catching Up

It's been a busy week! 

Emma started Pre-K, which is three days per week. And can you believe, that I forgot my camera?! MOM FAIL! 
I have started back up at a gym again! There is one right down the street from her school, and I figured it would be the PERFECT way for me to kill time while she's there. I have a personal goal in mind, but I will be leaving that personal for now...And since I have not been to a gym since before Emma was born {yes, it really has been that long!}, I obviously need this - BAD! 
So wish me luck?

Also, I was able to score another Nanny job! At the moment, it is for Friday's only, but may switch to Thursday's & Friday's in a month or so. The best part, is that this time the kiddo comes to MY PLACE! I cannot tell you how nice that is! The pay is just enough to take care of Emma's tuition each month, which is exactly what we needed! PHEW!

Now for some little tid-bits:
Recently on Netflix, I found an older show that I have gotten into. I may be a dork, but it has captured my attention on the nights when I can't fall asleep! Some of you out there may remember it: Felicity

Also, I found this article on the most influential cameras of all time, and I find it interesting! Take a look HERE!

OK. Well that's all I have for now! Until next time - ARRIVEDERCI!


  1. Good for you for joining the gym!! Lord knows I need to. Ha ha. And Felicity!!! I LOVE that show. I re-watched the entire series 2 years ago (through netflix, also). I was totally hooked watching episode after episode.

  2. Good for you Linds! It's hard to get back into working out, but if feels so good once you do!

    I'm glad to hear that your new charge is coming to your place! No more crazy driving time.

  3. You already know that I wish you luck, but I dont think that you need it, you will do it, I know you will. All that matters is that you feel good about you!

    I watched Felicity YEARS ago, I will have to check it out! You and Howie got Ben and I stuck on Lost and sadly, last week, we finished the series! You guys were right though, it was fantastic!