Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend Filled With Emotion

This past weekend held a lot of emotion.

Saturday was the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk, the second that my family has attended. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and the walk was twice as large as last year! The overall total of monies raised was $930,000!! This year I am planning on putting together some fund raising events for next years walk. I will be hosting a Partylite Candle Party at my house in the beginning or middle of November, and trying to donate half of the proceeds to the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk!
My family and I, of course walked with team Heather's Crew! In honor of my dear friend Heather who is still fighting this fight with a massive amount of STRENGTH! Joining her team for the first time this year, was her father whom she has not seen since she was six years old! From what I was told, their reunion was an emotional one...but very good! And if you remember from this post, the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk choose my quote to display on the back of the patient and survivor shirts! Here is a photo from Saturday:

I was able to capture a TON of great photos from the walk, but I will only post a few:

My dedication to my Papa at the Tent of Honor...
My aunt tying up her dedication to my Papa, her father...
Heather and her husband Ryan

Then on Sunday, I had the incredible honor to do a shoot with Heather's family, her father and his wife! Here a few shots from their session:

I am so grateful to be able to have been a part of their reunion! 

There is nothing more humbling than seeing what is right in front of you. To really open your eyes and take a look around. To realize what people are fighting for: Their lives.


  1. Heather looks great! I'm so impressed with the amount of money that was raised, that's truly amazing.

  2. Nice job on the photos! Love the one of them all lined up on the curb. What a great friend to fight for her cause. Lucky girl!