Friday, July 5, 2013

10 Favorite Foods

Instead of writing about my busy life in all of it's hectic glory, I will stick to the theme of blog challenge: 10 favorite foods. This may not be anything too exciting, but here we go, in no particular order...
  • SEAFOOD! Pretty much any kind...really!  

  •  Asparagus - one of the only green foods that I truly enjoy chowing down.

  • Apple & Chicken sausage - I chop this stuff, saute it, and throw it in just about anything.

  • Air popped popcorn - with melted coconut oil, garlic salt and cayenne pepper! The best popcorn you will ever eat! I promise.

  • Sour Patch Kids! My all time favorite candy! {Does this count as a 'food'?!}

  • Starbucks brand Caramel Macchiato ice cream! The best ever. No joke!

  • Berries! Well, except for the cranberry. I can't stand cranberries. But the strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, I love them all!

  • Thai food. Now that stuff is delicious!!

  • Italian food. With all the bad-for-you ingredients, I just can't resist all the creams and carbs!  

  • Cake and/or cupcakes! For these two, I am a sucker!

Overall, let's just say that I love food a little too much and I {unfortunately} have no self-control when it comes to yummy goodness!

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