Thursday, September 12, 2013

Change of the Seasons

Well it's been awhile. A long while, and I do apologize!
And as you can see, I clearly failed with the 30 day blog challenge...oops!
I will just go ahead and blame my busy summer schedule for that. :)

But the summer season has officially come to a close in our home. As it has in many other school-bound families. Emma started 1st grade last week! FIRST GRADE! What the heck happened to my first baby? Where o' where did she go? If you find her, please return her safely! 

Lucky for us {and her} Emma truly loves school! She gets excited about hopping on that bus, and going to her new classroom. With her new teacher, new friends, three recesses, a "real" lunchtime, and a longer-than-usual bus ride home. 

She gets on the bus at 8:40am, and doesn't get home until 4:40pm! That is a full working day {I guess that's what we get for living in the "woods"}! I thought for sure that she would be completely exhausted by the time she gets home, but nope. She fooled me again! I don't know how she does it, but let me tell ya...that girl is wired when she gets home! GEEZ!

And then there's Haylee. We really should have named her Trouble! Or Monster, or Chaos, or...well you get the idea! She is seriously more than a handful! I guess it's true what they say about siblings being opposite, because mine most certainly are! Emma was such a laid-back, chill, and should I say "good" baby. But Haylee on the other hand is into everything, doesn't really care for sleeping that much, and is constantly into all kinds of mischief. Needless to say, she keeps me on my toes. All. The. Time! I am sure that this means she is going to be an absolute terror as a toddler. YAY ME! But she is so stinkin' cute, that it almost makes up for it! Here, let me show you:

Speaking of toddler-hood, it is pretty much upon us! I cannot believe how fast this past year flew by! Haylee's 1st birthday is in just a few short weeks! WHAT?! THIS CANNOT BE TRUE! Oh, but it is. Which means I almost have a toddler again!! But on the other hand, I am looking very forward to this Holiday Season! She will now get more excited about things, like our Christmas tree no doubt. I am sure we only be decorating the top half this year! :) 
Let's just hope she doesn't topple it over...

And Fall is back! Well, almost. My all-time favorite season! Which of course means all things pumpkin, spice, and pretty colors! That alone makes me one happy girl! :) 

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