Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Little Things

For me, the smallest, most simple of things always make me the happiest! 

For example; a song, a good cup of coffee, baby laughter, the smell of Fall in the air, the changing colors of the leaves, a relaxing night, and updating photos in my house. 
Yes, that's right. Updating my family photos throughout my home makes me happy!

I recently realized that we did not have one photograph of Haylee in our entire home, and she has been alive for almost a whole year now! I suppose that means I'm slacker...but not anymore! I finally got some photos printed, framed and hung. Thank goodness!

The second I finished, I stood back and smiled. Like I said...the little things!
I can now look around my home and see both of my beautiful girls smiling down on me. 

Granted, we do not have any family photos of the four of us, but I guess it's the girls that are most important...right? When Emma was born, we literally chronicled her life with professional photos every single holiday! We even had some family pictures taken in between. However, since then I have stopped working, and it is just not realistic for us to do that anymore. Thankfully I know a little something-something about photography, and can take photos of the girls on my own. And luckily we have a gorgeous piece of property to use as a prop, so that helps too!

The only thing about taking your own photos, is that you are always behind the camera, which means that you cannot be in front of the lens! Maybe someday I will be able to purchase a good tripod, and put myself in a photo with the girls...someday. :)

Until then, I am Happy with pictures of my girls hanging on my walls!
So with my good cup of coffee, and with a good song playing in the background, I will stand back and admire what we have created...
Two beautiful little ladies!

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