Friday, September 13, 2013

How Do They Do It?

You have seen them. Those parents who appear to have it all together.
The ones who are members of the PTA, enroll their children in every sport and activity possible, have physically fit bodies, consistently look presentable, drive fancy cars, live in big houses, go to school full-time {some work full-time}, have the patience of a saint, seem to manage to have a perfectly clean house and dinner on the table by 5:00pm, and make it all look so easy.

Can someone please tell me how they do it? Did they find a way to make the day produce more than 24 hours? Because I know for a fact that life is not produced out of a Martha Stewart magazine, nor is any one person's life that picture perfect! I also know that by these parents "seeming" to do it all and make it all look so "easy", is simply just not the case. 

The only explanation I can think of, is that these parents have outside help coming in from somewhere? Right? Or maybe they really do have it all together!
And to those who do, congratulations! Because I sure as hell haven't figured it out! 

There is obviously a part of me that wishes I could be like these parents. But that is just not me. If you know me at all, you know that I do not have the patience of a saint! Heck, those around me are lucky if I can scrape up some patience off the sidewalk! I do not have a paying job, and I rarely get dinner on the table by 5:00pm. Who am I kidding? I rarely cook dinner! Ha! The only I've got going for myself, is my {slight case} of O.C.D. about keeping my house clean. 

Every once in awhile, such as now, I find myself wondering how these parents do it.
And then I will find myself wishing that I could do it all. Go back to school...join the PTA...but then I realize that by doing that, I would have literally ZERO minutes in the day to myself!
Go ahead and call me selfish. But I know that by me finding some time during the day for myself, is my only saving grace! 

Granted, I may not have three...four...six children, but I am done minimizing myself in comparison to others. I have spent my whole life doing that, and it has gotten me nowhere! 
So with that being said, my two kiddos are enough for me!
And the few, precious, scare minutes I can scrape together in a day for my own sanity is going to have to take precedence over the PTA.
At least for now! 

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