Friday, January 17, 2014

One of the Good Guys

Most women you hear are complaining or whining about their husbands. 
How they are never around, don't spend enough time with their families, how they are selfish and uncaring. But let me set the record straight: not every man is this way!
And how do I know? Because I am married to one of the Good Guys. 
One of the honorable ones. One of the men with good intentions and realistic goals.
One of those men who actually cares about his family and holds us above everything else. 
One of the guys who works harder than anyone I have ever met. Ever. 
 One of those men who makes decisions as a family, rather than on his own.
One of those guys who puts himself on the back burner so that his children can have what they need. 

My husband has been working so hard to reach his goals to become a professional firefighter - his passion - and has just accomplished one of the major steps towards the right direction! He found out this morning that he passed the National EMT exam!!
All those months of grueling classes, work, and drills all paid off! 

Moments like these, I am reminded why I love him so much!
I am so proud, and so happy that he is succeeding and getting closer to making his dreams a reality! His accomplishments truly effect our family as a whole. 
Rather than individuals, we are a Team. A unit. 
His successes are mine, and mine become his. 
I am continuously Thankful for having him in my life, and for the fact that I did not have to kiss too many frogs to find my Prince!

Congratulations Babe, I love you! 
I knew you could do it!

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