Monday, March 3, 2014


OK, so it was a busy week...
This is Emma's first year as a Girl Scout Daisy, and cookie season is in full swing!
We have spent the entire past week delivering her cookie pre sale orders, and collecting money. Phew, that was a lot of cookies! She reached her goal of 200 boxes, surpassing it by one, ha! She sold 201 boxes during the pre sale! 
And this last weekend was the troops very first cookie booth sales!
Half of the troop did one store on Saturday, then the other half {including us} did a store yesterday. Over all, for it being their first time doing this, they did amazing! Not to mention that it was pretty much the cutest thing I had seen in quit awhile! Between the two booths, they sold about 111 boxes, and had some donations for Operation Cookie Drop!
Considering where we live is absolutely overflowing with Girl Scouts, this is quit the accomplishment! We have 2 weeks left of booth sales, so wish us luck {although these little ladies don't need luck, they are just that good}!

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