Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Six Months Already?

Where did it go? A whole half of a year gone already {if time decided to slow down a little bit, I would not be upset at all}!

I am still in disbelief that our littlest Haylee Bug turned 6 months old yesterday! She has been having a rough week or two. Fighting off a cold, so her poor pretty eyes have been gooped up in the mornings. She has been a little more cranky than usual, not napping as well as she usually does and waking up once or twice at night. However, for the past two days she is starting to get into the swing of things ago! PHEW!

Our little Doll Baby!
 So yesterday she had her 6 month check-up. Here are her stats:
- 27 inches long, 90% for height!
- 17.04 pounds, 75% for weight!
Needless to say, the doc said that she is a pretty good size for her age! 

She is already so much bigger and taller than Emma ever was! We cannot believe that she is in the 90% for height! Crazy girl! And of course she had some vaccinations. Thank goodness Howard was able to go with to this appointment, because the shots are harder on me than the kiddos...So I make him take over for that part!

While little miss H is not rolling over from back to belly yet, the doc said that he is not concerned. After all, she tries like heck to sit up, and can roll to her sides, and from her belly to her back. We have been working with her for months now, on how to roll over and do exercises with her. And of course, the time she really wants to try is when she's getting her diaper changed! Stinker! We are truly convinced that since she hates her tummy time so much, that she just doesn't want to be on her tummy. EVER. I guess the girl already knows what she likes, and doesn't like!

She is loving her solids, especially her oatmeal cereal and fruits! But she does take after me in the veggie department: not so into the peas!

Recently we were visiting a friend who had their daughter's old Glow worm for Haylee to play with. She loved that thing! So much so, that I just had to get one for her! Granted, the new versions of the Glow worm's are not as cute as the old one...slightly creepy in fact. But she doesn't know the difference! But I must say, she really does love that little glowing face!

Lullabies and Snuggles

One of the things that Haylee loves more than anything, is when her big sissy Emma reads to her: it is possibly the cutest thing I have ever witnessed! It doesn't matter if she is upset, cranky or restless. The minute Emma opens up a book and starts telling the story, Haylee will calm down and just gaze at Em with her big blue eyes {which are starting to get a little more grey these days...} and start smiling!

Sisters that read together, stay together
Lately Haylee has found her feet, and is obsessed with those tootsies! She loves to play with them, and she tries like heck to get them in her mouth: not so successful with this task yet...but still adorable non-the-less!

Overall, we just cannot believe how fast time is going, and how big she is getting! Considering how small she started off as, at a mere 6lbs 9oz. Now she is a whopping 17lbs, 4oz! She is honestly one of the happiest, smiley-est babies I have ever seen! Now I know that I am biased, but it is so true! We love our little Bug more than words can describe! And before you know it, we will be celebrating her first birthday!

My two favorite Loves!!!

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  1. Look at her grow! She truly is the calmest baby I have ever seen! These two girls are such a blessing to our lives, we just love them so much!